Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rediscovering Coron via Seair and 7,107 Islands Cruise

ideasman will revisit Coron next week, Sept. 25-27, thanks to Steve Tajanlangit of 7,107 Islands Cruise and Patrick Tan of Seair. This time it will be to do a feature article about Coron and the surrounding islands of Ditaytayan, Malcapuya, Banana, Malaroyroy, etc for the "Your Asia Travel Guide" of North America.

We were there last year upon the invitation of Gene and Nanette Tanseco who own the port of Coron property and several islands in the Calamianes Group of Islands. It was an all-expense paid trip then via Super Ferry from Manila and Seair's Let 410 from Busuanga.

We were with the His Watchful Servants group of Cyril & Irene Siasoco and Allan & Arleen Miranda. We shared a boat to the islands with the Tajanlangit family: Steve, Stevie, Armand, etc.

We stayed at Sea Dive of Jim, Banana Island of Kap Henie, and Malcapuya Island of Ed Reyes. Ed was the one who convinced Gene Tanseco to visit and invest in Palawan back in the '70s.

Steve called yesterday to confirm the arrangements saying that we will be traveling with journalists & tourism beat reporters, editors, and photographers from broadsheets and magazines aboard their cruise ship within the waters of Northern Palawan. If Patrick Tan waives the YQ (taxes, surcharges) on the complimentary airfare then we would be off to a great escape ...

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7,107 Islands Cruise - tel. no. (632) 8874590
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