Sunday, September 21, 2008

Case Study in Progress: Circle Mall in Marikina Heights

Two heads are better than one.

With this in mind, ideasman is using this blog as a mechanism by which other "ideasmen" or "ideaswomen" can contribute their intellectual and creative prowess to a work in progress.

We are currently doing the market study of this community strip mall in Marikina Heights. For those familiar with this mall, it was originally owned by Villar's Camella & Palmera group thus it was called "C&P S' Mall" ... S for small or small mall.

It was repossessed by Metrobank a few years ago and recently sold to a new owner.

A week ago, ideasman was commissioned to determine the "best use" of its twin idle properties at both ends of the mall.

ideasman, inc. then submitted a proposal to first improve the present mall through a market study and marketing plan that will include a new development/product/tenant mix before coming up with the "best use" concept paper. The rationale being ... to optimize the rental yield of the new development, we first need to improve on the track record of the existing mall.

Are you up to the challenge?

For those who live in Marikina, have you been to S' Mall? How often? For what reason do you go to S' Mall? For those who have not been to S' Mall ... why don't you patronize it? What will it take for you to patronize it? What needs to be done?

Those who want to share their ideas on how to improve the mall's offering and experience can comment directly below this blog ... or you can email me directly at or

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