Sunday, October 7, 2012

Marketing Tips: Observing Customer Behavior

As Vice President of Marketing of Ergonomic Systems, Inc. more than a decade ago, I brought my marketing team to the basement of SM Megamall to teach them first hand a very important lesson in understanding consumer behavior. We went to the office furniture section and observed potential buyers from a safe distance.

For marketers, it helps to know how our customers interact with our products or services. What attracted them to approach the display? Did they respond to brighter colors more than neutral colors? What was the first thing they did? Did they touch it? What was the first thing they touched? Did they smell it? What senses did they involve?

This exercise helps us in considering factors for our marketing mix, e.g. product, place, promotions, price.

Trivia: Jollibee came up with their "Langhap Sarap" positioning statement after observing that their diners smelled their food first before proceeding to eat it.

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